October = HORROR

Hello one and hello all.
Yes it's almost time for us all to fall into the scariest month of the year: October! and for all of us here at the After Movie Diner Blog & Podcast it's definitely our favourite month of the year. That annoying sun isn't around as much, that stupid heat is dwindling and it's time for us to tear into our respective horror collections with willful abandon!

To this end I have decided to present this list of a selection of my collection and ask you the listeners/readers which films you'd like to hear covered on the After Movie Diner Podcast.
My intent is to watch as many of the following films below as possible between now and Oct 31st, mainly for my own enjoyment BUT whatever films prove popular between now and October 1st, either in the comments section below, on Twitter or Facebook I will cover them either as 1 minute reviews or as main show subjects in the 4 shows I do in October.
So it's simple - read the list below and let me know what you want reviewing either in the comments section
by e-mail: aftermoviediner@gmail.com
on twitter: https://twitter.com/aftermoviediner
and on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aftermoviediner


Films (in no particular order):
Maniac Cop Trilogy
Waxwork 1 & 2
Drag Me To Hell
Halloween 2-7
Someone's Watching Me (Early carpenter flick)
Prince of Darkness
Black Christmas
Terror Train
The Prowler
Night School
Slumber Party Massacre trilogy
All or Any of the Nightmare on Elm Streets
Puppet Master 1-9
Demonic Toys
Dollman Vs Demonic Toys
The Hand
Scream 1-4
Deep Red
Sleepless (later Argento)
Eyes of a Stranger
Color Me Blood Red
Gruesome Twosome
The Pit & the Pendulum (Vincent Price/Corman)
The Raven (Vincent Price/Corman)
Night of the Hunter
The Hitcher (original - please!)
Alone in the Dark
Raw Meat
Rosemary's Baby
Demon Seed
Omen 1-3
The Prophecy 1-5
Final Destination 1-3
Phantasm 1-4
Deadly Friend (Wes Craven)
From Beyond The Grave
The Crazies (original Vs remake)
The Dark Half
The Living Dead in the Manchester Morgue
Return of the Living Dead 1-3
Dead Snow
28 Days Later
28 Weeks Later
Fright Night
Black Sheep
Blood Island Trilogy
Q the Winged Serpent
The Stuff
Critters 1-4
Psycho (original - of course!!)
The Birds
Cemetery Man
Aerobicide/Killer Workout
Chopping Mall
Horror Express
Meat-cleaver Massacre
Rats (1982)
Shock Waves
Street Trash
The Pit
The Mutilator
The Video Dead

Cross Words

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