Maniac Cop Trilogy Coverage and Content

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Over the years we have covered the Maniac Cop franchise pretty comprehensively - from written reviews and podcasts to interviews and Q & As. We thought we’d compile that content all in one easy to find place. Enjoy!

Interview with Director, William Lustig

Jon Cross talks to the man behind Maniac, Vigilante, The Maniac Cop Trilogy and many others. The cult, film Director and Blu-Ray/DVD producer with Blue Underground, William Lustig.

Interview with Writer, Larry Cohen

Jon Cross talks with renowned, genre filmmaker Larry Cohen and the director of the documentary about him, "King Cohen", Steve Mitchell.

Interview with Producer, James Glickenhaus

Jon Cross talks to 80s, NYC based, Action Auteur himself James Glickenhaus, Producer of the Maniac Cop franchise.

Interview with Star, Tom Atkins

Jon Cross talks to the man, the legend and keeper of the awesome, lady slaying, upper lip garnish, Tom Atkins - star of The Fog, Halloween III, Night of the Creeps, Maniac Cop and more!

Interview with Star, Bruce Campbell

Jon Cross talks to the star of Maniac Cop, the legendary chinned one and self-named king of B-Movies himself, Bruce Campbell.

Interview with Star of Maniac Cop 2 & 3, Robert Davi

Jon Cross talks to Robert Davi the star of Maniac Cop 2 & 3 and the renowned actor who had such memorable roles in Action Jackson, Raw Deal, Licence To Kill, Die Hard and The Goonies.

Maniac Cop 2 Q&A with William Lustig

Jon Cross of The After Movie Diner hosts a live Q&A with Director William Lustig after a screening of Maniac Cop 2

Podcast Coverage

On our 100th episode of The After Movie Diner Podcast we assembled a great team of podcasters to talk the Maniac Cop Franchise

Maniac Cop, Written Review

Michael Campochiaro looks at the enduring - and still timely - cult classic horror/action film from the minds of Larry Cohen and William Lustig, Maniac Cop, starring Bruce Campbell, Tom Atkins and Robert Z'Dar.

Maniac Cop 2 & 3, Blue Underground Blu-Ray Review

Jon Cross takes a look at Blue Underground's release of Maniac Cop 2 & 3.