Independant Film-Makers! We want to hear from YOU!

SOON The After Movie Diner will be delving back into the world of Independent film making with 3 movies from some truly great folk in the Baltimore, Maryland area:
The Lee Doll films 'The Fixer' and 'Little Bit of Love'
ROULETTE: a film by Erik Kristopher Myers

We've also got an interview with a gentleman about to set out to make his first film in New Zealand!

This got us thinking about a regular independent film-maker spotlight on the show. We could chat about the film, review the film and even offer our listeners the chance to win a copy of your film, putting your creative hard work into the hands of an awesome film fan!

SO we want to hear from all independent film-makers!
If you're doing something different, creative, independently minded and if you've got a film that you're anxious to talk about or get in people's hands then drop us a line at

We accept any and all applications from features to short films and web series but we reserve the right to only cover the films we choose. The After Movie Diner strongly supports independent content and we recognise the hard work, effort and energy that goes into producing anything but will not be able to cover everything so a space on the show will be at producers discretion.

THANK YOU and we can't wait to see what you've come up with!

October = HORROR

The Bourne Legacy - 10th August 2012