Local Legends, a feature film by Matt Farley

Local Legends, a feature film by Matt Farley

We here at the Diner are very excited to bring you the NEW FEATURE FILM by Matt Farley "Local Legends" which you can watch below, the whole film, absolutely FREE!

On The After Movie Diner Podcast Episode 85 we interviewed the wonderful Mr.Farley, who is the star and co-writer of Freaky Farley, Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas and Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You, about his new film "Local Legends" on the set when I was there filming a cameo.

You can also hear Matt and his co-writer, co-producer and directing partner Charlie Roxburgh on Episode 55 talking about Don't Let The Riverbeast Get You and their previous two films were covered on Episode 32

Anyway take a look at Local Legends below!
It's a funny, weird and wonderful blend of Stardust Memories, Deconstructing Harry, Clerks and Farley's own brand of fantastically fresh and unique humour. ENJOY!

Find Matt Farley on Twitter: @moternmedia
check out his websites www.moternmedia.com and http://www.shockmarathons.com
AND feel free to call writer/director/star Matt Farley and tell him what you think of the movie: 603-644-0048

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