EPISODE 52 - Tom Waits/Down By Law/Wristcutters: A Love Story/Cameos

EPISODE 52 - Tom Waits/Down By Law/Wristcutters: A Love Story/Cameos

Well Ladies and Germs, after a week off, have we returned with an absolutely splendtastic show for you? You better believe it!

I am incredibly happy to be joined again by Mr. Moe Porne from Drunk on VHS and No Budget Nightmares, Internet superstar and podcasting guru.

Together we discuss the music, the movies and the majesty of one Mr. Thomas Alan Waits.

We primarily focus on Down By Law and Wristcutters but also talk about his myriad of albums, rare appearances and indelibly memorable cameos in such fan favourite films as the wonderful Mystery MenThe Fisher King and Dracula.

Never heard of him, a casual fan or a rabid devotee, this extensive podcast covers all you need to know about the man and also sets you on a path so as to find out even more.

If just one person leaves this show forever changed then our enthusiasm and passion for the man will have been perfectly communicated.

Come on in as we chat Tom Waits in depth and at length along with great song segments, fun film clips and the Diner's usual blend of comedy and music!

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