Guest Spot 27 - Traumatic Cinematic - Episode 63 Life of Brian

Wow these guest spots just keep piling up don't they but I can't help it! there are so many splendid and excellent shows out there that I just can't say no when one such awesome aural attack on the airwaves comes calling. This time it was the tremendous Traumatic Cinematic show and an offer to cover Monty Python's Life of Brian with that trio of terrific chaps. I had a fantastic time an urge you all to do the same by listening, laughing, learning and loving.

Find them online at their Facebook Group 
On Twitter at @GenXnerd, @Greymattersplat, ,@AYTIWS, and the whole cult @TCPodcastCrew
and you can find one third of this motley band of cinematic marauders and AMD Comic Book correspondent extraordinaire, David DeMoss’s And You Thought It Was Safe? website and video-cast over at


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