Guest Spot 26 - Schlock Treatment - Episode 120 D.C. Cab

I have been bouncing around guest appearances lately and one of my favourite places to drop by is always the wonderful and irreverent Schlock Treatment podcast. With Kirk and Matt absent I was able to leap in and really take things over! hahaha
This episode we covered D.C. Cab featuring the amazing Gary Busey, the motivational Mr. T, and Jayne from Firefly. Quite a combination.

There are some varied opinions on this one, and the discussion gets heated.

Also, I bore Marc and Doug with a lot of irrelevant movie facts!

D.C. Cab is streaming on Netflix for now. Be sure to check it out, so you know what the heck we are talking about!
Also, so you can see Busey’s weirdly manic performance!

Also, PLEASE be sure to head to iTunes and RATE Schlock Treatment! They need your reviews, so any ratings would be much appreciated.
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