WHERE IT ALL BEGAN - Hard To Kill Commentary on the AMD Podcast

This is the podcast Dr. Action & The Kick Ass Kid did for The After Movie Diner our bearded brother podcast and where the idea for our wonderful show originated!

The Seagal Jesus is thinking 'hmmm is someone talkin' about me, my ears are burning'

This week Dr. Paul Crowson joins me again in the Diner to comment on the 1990 Steven Seagal classic Hard To Kill and I promise it's a good fun listen whether you have the film in front of you or not.

We also take some moments to discuss the latest Jennifer Wesfeldt offering, a chick flick if ever I saw one Friends With Kids 
and the Thomas Jane/John Travolta Punisher film

ALL this and a BRAND NEW song!!!

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EPISODE 33 - Hard To Kill commentary/Friends with Kids/The Punisher '04/Brit Soaps