The Diner NOMINATED for a TLA Cult Award

And there you go thinking AWARD season was over... oh no! there is the little matter of The Podcast from the After Movie Diner being nominated a SECOND year in a row for a prestigious TLA CULT Award. Last year, if you didn't know, we WON the award, much to our surprise, and it would be great to do a Daniel Day Lewis and just win every year! hahaha
So please please go and vote.
To vote simply go here: or click the banner above and scroll through the categories highlighting which winners you like as you go.
Right at the bottom there is the BEST WEBSITE/BLOG/PODCAST/WHATEVER category and that's where we are located. Click on our logo, a yellow box appears and then hit VOTE!
The best part?
You can do that AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE so, please, for us: GO HOG WILD
Voting ends March 15th so we're not asking you to do it for long, just, please, go and vote. VOTE NOW.
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Thank you VERY MUCH for supporting FREE independent CREATIVE internet content. The more you do, the better you feel... trust me.

The Story of Droning by Mark 'Despair' Cousins