The After Movie Diner's 2nd Alternate Oscars

OK so the Oscar noms have come out again for another year and yet again it reads like a list of predictable boring, beige tedium, some over enflated Hollywood "serious" films to have come out in the last month and a half (because the academy are mostly old farts with the combined memory span of a guppy fish) and only a couple of nods in the right direction (and those mainly being for anything involving Argo or Moonrise Kingdom).

So we will again be hosting the After Movie Diner Alternate Oscar show this year on Monday February 25th!

So please E-MAIL me at with your alternate nominations.

The rules are simple: The film HAS to have come out for the FIRST time in 2012 on any format - theatrical, straight to video, on demand - ANYTHING as long as it had its FIRST release any day of 2012.
Let's get those NOMS in!!

Hear last year's show here:

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