Alternative Oscars Competition

This year the Oscars are a bloody shambles. A bunch of wishy washy, boring, uninspiring and incorrect nominations, although a fair reflection of just how there really weren't many good films in 2011.
Most were boring and bad.
or were they?

For my Feb 27th show on the After Movie Diner PODCAST I will be hosting the Alternative Oscars and I would like to put a shout out here and ask everyone to e-mail me their noms for 2011 that the academy wouldn't go near. The noms can be anything you like, go wild!
Best supporting actor in a titty flick
whatever you want

It just has to have been given some sort of first time release in 2011 (dvd included) and it can't be nominated for an Oscar and that's it.

All submissions to by feb 6th please

I will then organise the nominations, work out my own categories and put it up on my site for a vote!

Don Dohler-Fest 2 coming to The After Movie Diner Podcast featuring Interview with GEORGE STOVER

David Fincher's Girl With A Dragon Tattoo - 20th December 2011