Great friend of the After Movie Diner website, Bloodbaths & Boomsticks Podcast and Horror Realm, Patricia Stevens has been very sick lately. So Kyle Poling, Tim Gross (of Bloodbaths & Boomsticks Podcast) and Jon Cross of The After Movie Diner decided to record a very special commentary for John Carpenter's The Thing and make it available to all who donate to Patricia's medical expenses. She is currently running a Go Fund Me page and all money we earn through the podcast will be donated to that cause. (See her story at the bottom of the page)

Click below, choose your donation, check out and then at the bottom of your checkout/receipt it will say "Return to Merchant", click that and you will be sent to a page to download our EXCLUSIVE The Thing commentary. Please contact if you have any problems.

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Patricia's Story:
She had been having a lot of back pain, ended up having balance issues and then got a loss of sensation in her legs.  She went to the emergency room, had lots of tests run and found out that she had a tumor on her spine.  The tumor had to be removed surgically.  More tests were run and a lump was found in her breast.

It turned out she has Stage 4 Cancer.  This means there will be a course of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Most insurance companies only cover a portion of these treatments and only pay so much for hospital stays.  

Throughout the whole ordeal she has remained strong, inspiring and is fighting it all every step of the way. She is still trying to gain the use of her legs back and walk again.  So, you can see, she needs all the help she can get!

I hope that everyone gives generously and enjoys our commentary on John Carpenter's The Thing!