Moose: The Movie (2015)

Moose: The Movie (2015)

Moose: The Movie 2015 poster

I was listening to one of Kevin Smith's many podcasts and he was talking about a movie he might make, called Moose Jaws (It’s Jaws but with a moose). It got me thinking, has there really never been a movie with a killer moose? Living in Vermont, I’ve seen how aggressive they can be.

So I hit the internet.

Not surprising, Moose Jaws was mostly what came up. But hiding away in that news was a little indie movie called Moose.

Coming out of Alaska “the last frontier” - no strangers to Moose, or folklore - When a supernatural humanoid moose is set loose  
Gangrene gulch, and its new Park Ranger Zack (Zack Lanphier) are set on a wild ride.

It has a cast of wacky characters, most of them having many jobs in this tiny town, like Samantha (Chantel Grover) who is the towns part time librarian/corner’s assistant/crime scene investigator, and love interest of Zack. Also the many puppets, Yes I said Puppets!


You might find yourself chuckling at the hippies, as they get ripped apart but should you laugh at Jed & Rupert, or be disturbed?  Maybe the lovable dummies Doug & Monty are more your speed. This town is full of lovable whack jobs.

Filled with silly jokes, and a ton of background gags. You will no doubt miss something on your first viewing. This is a comedy, with a tiny hint of horror. 


This is a delightful indie movie. I can’t recommend it enough, It’s unbelievably charming. I suggest you check it out.

I’m looking forward to their next movie Sudsy Slim Rides Again!

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