YES! We're back! after the Doc stared illness in the face and kicked it swiftly in the balls, we got together and we both kicked ass on a commentary.

Now when you think 80s and 90s martial arts, female action star there's only one name that leaps immediately to mind and that's Cynthia Rothrock and when you think the films of Cynthia Rothrock you're most probably thinking China O'Brien. So where better to start on our way down the path of female ass kickers than Ms. Rothrock herself.

I said we were back but did I indicate that we are back in a big bad way? no? well we are! This commentary is going to blow your socks off!

If you're watching action without us then you're doing it wrong!

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EPISODE 69 - WELLER and WOODS ' 89 - Leviathan/True Believer

EPISODE 69 - WELLER and WOODS ' 89 - Leviathan/True Believer

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