Pigheaded - New doc explores the life of underground cartoonist Skip Williamson

Pigheaded - New doc explores the life of underground cartoonist Skip Williamson

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Pigheaded is a new documentary by John Kinhart (Blood, Boobs and Beast) about Skip Williamson, a pioneer in the Underground Comix scene of the 60s and 70s. 

In this day and age people are abundantly aware of superhero comics, some key graphic novels and even fringe genre comics that are now having a life on TV but little is talked about the satirical, radical and inspirational comics and the cartoonists who have something to say with their art. At the end of the 60s, just like now, there was something of a satire boom happening. This is often the case when the world feels in disarray or on the brink of disaster. Along with it usually comes great strides in civil rights but also violence, unrest and heaps and heaps of satire. 

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John Kinhart, who brought the local world of Baltimore, indie film-maker Don Dohler to a wider audience (including me) with his excellent debut feature, Blood, Boobs and Beast does the same now with Pigheaded, the story of Skip Williamson and underground comics. 

Skip actually appeared in Blood, Boobs and Beast as Don Dohler's own underground comic book character Pro Junior was discussed. The seeds of Pigheaded were planted then. All roads of greatness spread from Don Dohler, I swear.

Pigheaded was recently accepted into the Newburyport Documentary Film Festival, a prestigious documentary festival being held in Newburyport, MA from September 16 to 18, 2016.

John Kinhart has also launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help improve the film by paying 20th Century Fox for an image of Skip's comic that is featured in the 1971 film Panic In Needle Park (Al Pacino's first starring role)! I wouldn't normally do this but I can tell you it's a project well worth supporting and John is a guy who supports others (he has bought all of my musical albums, for example) so please do give if you can!

Also, very exciting, is the fact that just today John Kinhart released the first 4 minutes of the documentary online, in honour of Skip Williamson's Birthday. 

You know when I said that he buys all my music? Well, in the interest of full disclosure but also because I think it's just awesomely cool, that's my song playing over the documentary's opening titles at the end of that 4 minute clip. 

As I said, John Kinhart directed the documentary Blood, Boobs and Beast that open the door for me to the world of Don Dohler, his ensemble of actors and the Baltimore indie film scene in general. I interviewed John for the podcast about that documentary and since then we've stayed in touch. When he asked me, after much praising and support, if he could use some of my songs in his latest documentary, I didn't hesitate to say yes. I never imagined that one would be played prominently over the opening credits! How incredible!

Expect a review of Pigheaded and another interview with John Kinhart soon but until then let all your friends and family know about this incredible and relevant documentary coming to a festival near you soon!

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