Shortly after the storm that ravaged the East Coast of The States, a group of podcasters got together on a Google+ hangout
(please don't ask me to explain I feel so very sad and tech nerdy just writing that sentence)
We basically talked drivel for 90mins and while there isn't a lot of movie chat, there are a lot of dick jokes and the chance to put a face to some of the names/voices you hear regularly on our little informal group of shows.

Participants are:
Marc, Kirk and Doug from Schlock Treatment
MOE from Drunk on VHS and No Budget Nightmares
CT from Nerd Lunch
Ralph from RS3Feed
Mike from the Badasses, Boobs, and Bodycounts podcast!
and ME!

Why not take a look, have a laugh and suggest topics for a second one!

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EPISODE 60 - The Jason Statham Transporter Special

EPISODE 60 - The Jason Statham Transporter Special