Guest Spot 16 - Badasses, Boobs & Body Counts - Cheerleader Camp/Screwballs

I was very honoured to join none-other-than Trucker Mike on this the 3rd episode of his fantastic NEW podcast. If you haven't heard it yet then I strongly suggest you check out all the episodes (and his blog) over at
Most podcasts take a little while to find their feet but Mike has hit the ground running, an informative, funny show that will only leave you wanting more.

In our episode 80s boob-filled cheese was the order of the day and so we discussed
half-slasher half-romp all nightmare film Cheerleader Camp
and romp parody Screwballs

EP03 Downloads
Download from the RSS feed: EP03 – Cheerleading Screwballs Direct download: EP03_bbandbc_cheerballs.mp3 Direct from iTunes:

It's a great chat and I urge you to give it a listen.
You can find Trucker Mike online at:
Twitter @digitalhorror

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