Episode 46 - The 1st Birthday Special - Evil Dead featuring interviews with The Ladies of the Evil Dead, Hal Delrich & Tom Sullivan

Well here it is folks and folkettes we have made it 12 months, 365 days, an entire year! Happy Birthday us!

There were those who said it couldn't be done, those who scoffed openly in public and those who, quite simply, weren't even interested in the first place but in the face of such overwhelming indifference, stiff, pert and sassy competition and quite a bit of flatulence, in the words of the hefty nasal one himself, Barry Manilow, it looks like we made it!

Boy did we ever!
What started as just a whispered dream has brought us here to this EPIC, never to be topped Evil Dead Special.

The Ladies of the Evil Dead:
Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly and Ellen Sandweiss

and Hal Delrich - or Rich De Manicor (if you prefer his real name) who played Scotty in the film

AND We have an INTERVIEW with Make-Up, Animation & Special Effects guru
starts when time reads 2:33:30

As if these conversations with the stars in front of and behind the camera weren't enough! To prove that this is a show truly BY the fans and FOR the fans, The After Movie Diner has assembled an elite and crack team of Evil Dead fans and experts to discuss every facet of the film and it's making of:
Kyle Poling from http://bloodbathsandboomsticks.blogspot.com/
Jon Wallace from http://thingaboutchickens.blogspot.com/
Chris Jones
Doug Tilley from No Budget Nightmares Podcast and Blog on www.DailyGrindhouse.com 
Jason Hewlett from 2nd Unit Podcast Network show http://filmreviewsfromthebasement.blogspot.com/
Dr. Nicholas 'Ivory tinkler' Consol of no fixed abode for a special section all about the music of Joseph Lo Duca

Yes we really pulled out all the stops and worked around the clock to make this the best 1st Birthday show possible. Now it's time to kick back, pop open the champagne and listen to The After Movie Diner.

I want to say a big thank you to fantastic artist @BUMCHEEKS2 for this great Birthday card that he sent me on Twitter.

For GREAT pop culture art get yourself over to http://bumcheeks2.deviantart.com/gallery or

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