Guest Spot 10 - Bloodbaths and Boomsticks Ep 6 - TV Party

If you're an old regular listener to the show then you will remember uber supportive fan Cory G writing to us quite a lot, a while back. Well, since then he has started up his own podcast, Bloodbaths and Boomsticks with fellow geniuses and internet luminaries John Small Berries and Tim Gross!

I was very flattered and honoured to be invited on to their 6th episode to sling the shit with them on the subject of some of my favourite TV shows and to gasp in disbelief at Cory's ill-informed views on the The Fog remake!

A wonderful time was had and many shows were given the B and B treatment so why not head over, check the show out, then listen to all their shows, subscribe, download and spread the word!

I strongly recommend it - THANK YOU :)

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