"Tranh and Nowak" - A Short, Independent, French, Martial Arts, Comedy Film

We love to promote great independent work here on The After Movie Diner and so please check out this awesome action, comedy short from director, Godefroy Ryckewaert.

"Tranh and Nowak" is an independent short-film by Godefroy Ryckewaert which he put together with the help of various friends. Quentin d'Hainault, the writer and the main male actor, and Godefroy come from the same martial art background : kungfu wushu.

Godefroy says "I just didn't know he was an actor and he didn't know I was a director".

When they realised, they put their passions together, mixing the cinema they both loved and martial arts, while still keeping a french touch to it.

They did a crowd-funding page on a European website called ULULE and earned 2,145 euros (the goal was 2000). They supplemented that by financing the rest themselves. It was shot over 7 days but took more than a year for post-production since all the work was done during their spare time.

They were very lucky and happy to get some of the best stunt players in France. They had worked on productions like Lucy, Taken, Fast and Furious, Bourne, etc.

Now they're just trying to get it seen on the web and want to present it to festivals as well.

We can't urge you enough to take a look below.

Godefroy was born on August 24, 1986 in Lille, France. With a passion rooted in martial arts since the age of 16, he began training in various styles of Chinese kung fu, and eventually journeyed to China in 2004 to train for five years before ultimately becoming a national Wushu champion.

Ryckewaert began to experiment with directing amateur short films of his own and decided to become a full-fledged filmmaker. With this goal in mind, he hopes to further expand his body of work while aiming to become more actively involved in the film festival circuit. He plans to base his operations in the United States Of America.

He now spends most of his time behind the camera where his experience in martial arts and stunts are assets. Ryckewaert is also fluent in French, English and Mandarin Chinese.

Check out his website but it's still only in French.

and look at his demo reel

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