The After Movie Diner Podcast Survey

Hey Diners! (listeners and friends of the show) How are we all doing today?
I had some questions to ask you lovelies:

1.How did you find the show?

2.How do you download/listen to the show?

3.How regularly do you download the show?

4.Do you find downloading/listening to the show is easy?

5.We are available on iTunes, Podbean, Podcast Pickle, Talkshoe, Stitcher etc is there any platform we should look into being on to make your lives easier?

6.We have,, Facebook and Twitter as well as the platforms listed above, which website do you visit most?

7.Do you find all the information on the show is easy to find?

8. How many shows on the 2nd Unit Podcast Network do you listen to?

9.Anything we could do different or better?
Any suggestions at all?

Thanks for your feedback and for your continued support of the show, you are all beautiful, rare, weird and much appreciated!

The Podcast from the After Movie Diner TURNS 1 on July 23rd

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - June 28th 2012