The After Movie Diner hosts #MTOS this Sunday!

Ok so before we get started, all those new to this (like me!) and want to know just what the flaming heck #MTOS is please go here and read this:

Right now we've got that out the way you all know to join us on Twitter at 3pm Sunday June 17th NYC time and get ready to answer 10 questions on my specialist chosen subject.
WELL that subject is.... (insert drum roll here and then insert the sound of said drummer being strangled and his body being smuggled into the trunk of a nearby station wagon)... SLASHER FILMS 
Yes indeed.
You'll also know (if you did the reading for this class) that I have to supply 10 open ended questions designed to spark debate.
Well, baring in mind I am not that inventive and have very little time, here are my questions:

1. Favourite slasher film or series?
2. Favourite slasher villain and why?
3. Favourite slasher hero?
4. Who would win in a fight Freddie, Jason or Michael Myers and why?
5. What elements does the best kind of slasher have to have?
6. Original 80s slashers or the knowing slashers of the late 90s?
7. Are any slasher sequels better than the original?
8. What's the most overlooked slasher film?
9. What mask would you wear if you were going to be a slasher villain?
10. Who would you cast as what in your ideal slasher film?

Ok! so I hope you think they're good questions... or at least something for you to think about before Sunday.

If you want to see what I think about certain slashers you can read these blog posts:
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You could listen to this Holiday themed slasher podcast I did:

I do hope you'll check these out and JOIN US SUNDAY
my Twitter is @aftermoviediner

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