Trick 'r Treat - 4th June 2011

Trick r Treat is a 'Creepshow', 'Tales from the Crypt' type anthology movie except that they have taken the 'multiple short stories in one film' concept to it's logical next step and intertwined all the stories by setting them in the same town on Halloween night and having the characters interact.

Like any of the aforementioned forerunners to this film it is heavily laden with a macabre sense of humour rather than being genuinely scary.
In fact the title sequence of this film is done like a comic book and that is very apt because the whole thing has a sort of comic-book feel, despite the graphic novel of the stories (originally meant to be a 4 issue run) wasn't published till after the film was made.

Also, like any of these films some parts inevitably work better than others and I would say that the beginning and end of the film is considerably better than the middle section. Still it is put together slickly, with a nice fun but frightening Halloween feel, good cinematography with a definite leaning into Tim Burton territory and features its fair share of semi-famous faces, no doubt enjoying themselves immensely.

If you are a hardcore horror fan looking to be scared I wouldn't suggest it but this sort of film works perfectly as an introduction to horror or just something to crank out every Halloween for a bit of a sick dark laugh.

7 out of 10 poisoned pumpkins
Points from the Wife 7 out of 10


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