Ira & Abby - 18th January 2011

This was a film I had never heard of, that came onto cable one day and that is very much in the Woody Allen vein, being as it is about an incredibly neurotic New Yorker who meets, falls in love with and marries a unique, interesting and quirky woman, then the problems start.
Written by and staring Jennifer Westfeldt, for the most part it was a charming, engaging, dialogue heavy examination of all things neurosis and relations based.
It doesn't have the joke rate of a Woody Allen film or a "When Harry Met Sally" and it did sort of all fall apart, become a little repetitive and slip into the usual misunderstanding based "if only they'd told each other how they were feeling" cliches towards the end but actually, despite all that it was a fun, easily watchable film.
It's well written, directed much as Woody might have done it and impeccably performed by a talented cast.
There was absolutely nothing new about any of it and didn't leave you any wiser about this crazy little thing called love but for what it was, it passed the hours pleasantly.

6 out of 10 New York cheesecake
Points from The Wife 6 out of 10

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