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In this week's episode Moe has to endure Bosh's new Character "Gator Bosh" and the lads discuss:
Straight outta the trailer park: Coming Attractions!
Least Favorite Movie Tough Guys: Moe's pick is likely to cause some hate mail


In this episode Moe and Bosh discuss ninjaless ninjas and: 
Straight out of the trailer park - Coming Attractions
Least Favorite (or Lamest) Movie Tough Guys - 
Bosh's Pick Burial Boys with Special Guest E.M. Scrader


On this special Animated podcast the lads discuss:
Coming Attractions - all the best and worst straight out of the trailer park
Studio Ghibli - Heyao Miyazaki
Bad Animated Films - Delgo Review - How to train your dragon


This week the guys bring you a retro podcast. Moe and Bosh discuss:
Coming attractions: the good, the bad, and the ugly from around the "trailer" park
The 3D gimmick: a brief history and why we kinda hate it