Guest Spot 8 - Schlock Treatment 78 - Bubba Ho-Tep

Was very VERY happy and honoured to be invited back to the hallowed halls of the fantastic Schlock Treatment Podcast this week to talk about Bubba Ho-Tep, one of my favourite films and one of the very best performances of, Diner favourite, Mr. Bruce Campbell that exists!

Please listen to this show and all of their shows as it is consistently one of the funniest, observational, banter-filled and irreverent podcasts in existence with every film they cover definitely being available online.

It's like hanging out with the best group of friends we wish all had, who really actually hate each other!

I always thoroughly enjoy being on the show and this week was no different! Yes, because it's a film we all like, it's maybe less comical than usual but we find the funny elsewhere!

Listen - it won't let you down!

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