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The Poop Culture Podcast is a fantastic show, part of Infirmary Media, and every month they do a special "Dueling Decades" episode where a month in the 80s and a month in the 90s go head to head. Two teams made up of two people each present their case to a judge based on 5 criteria:

  1. News item

  2. Hot product

  3. Movie

  4. Music

  5. TV

The judge rules on each round, points are awarded and at the end of the show, the 80s win... I mean, sorry, the judge makes a decision.
The exciting news is that I, Jon Cross, editor of The After Movie Diner am now the official recurring judge for the Dueling Decades episodes of The Poop Culture Podcast
The episodes I appear on will be listed below! Take a listen and enjoy!!

Poop Culture 148 Dueling Decades.jpg

Poop Culture 148 – Dueling Decades August 1988 vs August 1997

On this episode we see the teams get a bit of a switch up when Rick Mancrush teams with Beau Becraft to pitch for the 1990’s and Marc James and Carlos from Be Kind and Rewind Podcast take the 1980’s.
Its August 1988 vs August 1997 for this one and will the mix up help team 1990s? Or will the 1980s once again prevail? Roll up some air bud and enjoy this weeks retro slugfest! Judge “Creed” Jon Cross holds down the chaos once again as well as injecting some of his own!

Dueling Decades episode 144.jpg

Poop Culture 144 – Dueling Decades July 1981 vs December 1993

This week on the show the Team of Marc and the Mancrush reunite as the The Mamalukes to take on the deadly combo of Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man made up of Beau Becraft and his partner Mike Ranger!
Once again the Honorable Jon Cross creator and host of The After Movie Diner presides over this retro rampage to deliver a verdict you will want to hear to believe!

Dueling Decades episode 140.jpg

Poop Culture 140 – Dueling Decades June 1988 vs June 1998

This week we shuffle up the teams a bit and the result you will have to hear to believe. This one was a battle for the ages, literally! Rick Mancrush forms the Mega Powers with new teammate Mike Ranger and take on Beau Becraft and Nate from The Selling Out Podcast and they come up with one of the best team names we have had thus far on the show!