Philadelphia Comic-Con 2012 Pt. 2: Podcast

Join me this week as I run through my Philadelphia Comic-Con diary bringing you the sights, sounds and even smells of the convention!
Sharing my thoughts and feelings, talking to & meeting independent creative people and, yes, interviewing celebrities!

Featuring - The After Movie Diner on BUFFY!
Including interviews with Mark Metcalf!! (who played the Master)
Amber Benson!! (who played Tara)
and exclusive clips from James Marsters' (Spike) Q&A!!
starts on the show at the 48 minute mark
Exclusive clips from the Stan Lee Q&A!!
starts on the show at 1hr 20mins
Spending time with none-other-than James Hong!!
(and finding out if I was put on this earth to 'get it')
starts on the show at 1hr 50mins

Talking to blogger extraordinaire Brad Gullickson from In The Mouth Of Dorkness about his experience with William Shatner, all things Star Trek, the wonder of cos play and is Bruce Campbell the ultimate con guest?
PLEASE check out his excellent blog and follow him on twitter @MouthDork
starts on the show around the 2hr 13mins mark

and  I speak to local Philly horror host Princess Horror all about her TV Show and film festival!
you can find out more at:
appears on the show at 2hrs 53mins

I speak to director Paul Morrell and star Charlie O'Connell about NEW independent horror action flick Huff
you can find out more at:
of follow on Twitter @Huffmovie

I speak to comic book writer Christian Rubiano about the world of internet comics on 
There's music by BIG BIG AMMO from their new EP 'good friends/bad habits'
you can find out more at:

You can watch my video of the full Bruce Campbell Q&A from the event right here AND it's the official Q&A video on

So listen to the show here:
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