Guest Spot 7 - RS3Feed Episode 42 'A Good Gay Name'

I am exceptionally honoured and very happy to announce that I am this week's guest on the fantastic RS3Feed podcast. If you're not listening to the show already then why the hell not?!

In our group of podcasts, or community if you will, Ralph Santiago III, who hosts the excellent show, has become, in my humble opinion, a sort of happier and funnier Marc Maron and the RS3Feed has become a hipper, more interesting WTF?

I never miss an episode and I am genuinely very very pleased to have been invited and to appear on this show which has featured so many of my peers in the podcasting biz all of whom I look up to, respect greatly and am in awe of.

Go, download, listen to and enjoy this and EVERY episode of the RS3Feed

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