EPISODE 26 - Bad Action Movies: Two Fongs Don't Make a Fight

Both films brought to you by the poor man's James Glickenhaus, Frank Harris and both films featuring the grumpy faced legend Stack Pierce!

Joining us in the diner this week is Kirk Howle from the Schlock Treatment podcast over at www.schlocktreatment.com
and one half of Leopardactyl which can be found on Soundcloud here: http://soundcloud.com/leopardactyl 
and we're going to be talking about two excessively random straight-to-video-in-1986 bad action films:
The Patriot (no not the one you're thinking of OR the one with Steven Seagal BUT a different one with Gregg Henry as the star and Leslie Nielson in a serious role!) and
Leo Fong's Low Blow which is pretty low and it does blow but doesn't really feature any low blowing, which is confusing!

Anyway we guffaw, chuckle, cry with laughter and narrowly avoid getting our minds fucked through the two movies in one of the funniest couple of hours I have ever spent.

So come have a listen!

Also there is yet another BRAND NEW song! The Bad Action Funk
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