The After Movie Diner has finally gone audio with an AMD Podcast series! and while continuing to write reviews on here (and I promise I will continue to write reviews on here) I will also be attempting a fairly frequent podcast too with a series of guests.

The first episode is already up and can be heard and downloaded here, for iTunes users please click the iTunes button to download and subscribe that way:

and if you're already a blogger.com user and want to remain so, then the sister website which will also be hosting the podcast is here:


Also I will have widget on this website that will allow you to listen to it here as well. Just look in the right hand column.

Thanks for all of your continuing support, please download, listen, enjoy, share and spread the word!
Thank you.

Friday 13th Part 4 'The Final Chapter' - 5th June 2011

Trick 'r Treat - 4th June 2011